Ideas to keeping your bathroom warm this winter

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Published: 24th November 2010
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During winter, the bathroom can be a very cold room to be in. Many people only tend to have heaters or under floor heating in other rooms within the home such as the bedroom, living area or the kitchen. When the bathroom is cold it can be difficult to get ready in the mornings or take a shower or bath in the evenings. There are some alternatives to heating your bathroom however, so letís take a look at some of these solutions.

It is not safe to have a conventional heater in the bathroom and it should be avoided. It may be a cheaper alternative to buying a bathroom heater or radiator, but it could cause an electrocution to yourself or a family member. You would also have to have an extension lead from an outside room trailing into the bathroom which is a health and safety risk alone.

A better option is to have a towel warmer installed into the bathroom. Towel warmers can be electric or connected to the hot water system. Whichever you decide to go for, you will need to either employ an electrician or plumber to fit the towel warmer. They are not cheap to buy and have installed, but they can enhance the bathroom and add to the overall value of the house. Towel warmers look just like the normal towel rails you see in modern bathrooms today, and they are usually manufactured in chrome. The chrome effect provides a very modern look to any aged bathroom, and therefore enhancing the overall look of the bathroom.

You can also buy warmrails, which require a power outlet to operate. They are safe to use within the bathroom, but you should have an electrician fit the wiring directly into the wall. This is a better option that connecting the device to a power extension cord which raises the various health and safety concerns listed earlier. Warmrails are much cheaper to buy and they are much more portable than using the wall mounted rails. As they are a standalone portable unit, they wonít add the value of the house price however.

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